Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Isu dan hak street candid..

adakah slh apabila anda tngkap gmbr secara candid,.....?
adakah anda seorang photographer yg beretika??

Bersama sy dlm mengupas isu ini adalah khairul faizi jamian............


Sorry aaa mamat-mamat kendid-street ke jadah apa yg tak berapa reti nak membaca, aku tulis dalam English, tak faham kalu, belajar lagi Bahasa Inggeris (bukan Bahasa ENGLISH AAA!!).
Tak mahu faham kalu, aku tak rugi apa, korang pun tak rugi apa, sebab apa2 pun korang kan lagi terer dari semua orang lain, kan?

The reason why I wrote this one was because I could not close my eyes at all and it has been almost 23 hours since I woke up....and simply because my buddy - Ian Ahmad of NSTP became quite upset with an article on a street photographer glamboy.

So, street photography suddenly became a hot topic (again) due to that article. This is really going out of control but anyway who cares....arts is freedom of expression - oh yeah dumbboy, the thing that is not free would be the legal fee you may have to bear due to your artsy-fartsy mentallity. The big bang of the whole fiasco was a couple of years back, when a dumbass openly claimed he was the founder of street photography in Malaysia. Yowzer!!! How bold!! (...and utterly stupid!!). As like many other professional shooters and some well established lecturers on photography and related arts, I don't even care how "suck-cess-fool" or how much that "MisterFounder" has already bagged in because as far as reality is concerned, stupid is what a stupid does!! ...and the follower of this dumbass is nothing less than the dumbass but even worse!!!

What is street photography? I am not going to write it all here, you can Google it and do your own research. What more important apart from knowing what it is all about, is to understand the boundaries and legalities, to respect the community, the subject you are capturing. To be a responsible photographer. In some outings (and forums) I have even shared about the subject, the key aspects and approach to make it easy and comprehensive for starters to try it out. Those who can still recall the outing with Che' Ahmad Azhar - one of the actual street outing done with many professionals including those from Reuters, EPA, AFP, NST, BH etc etc...CHAP AYAM (hahaa!!!) and of course yours truly's CHAPTERSimages - participants were informed on the do's and don'ts, the boundaries, how to plan the shooting path and sketch, "offensive vs defensive" approach....and many more....and it was all for the love of sharing knowledge - nobody made huge moolahs from it and everybody learned new "valid" stuff.

...but couple of months later, these bunch of dumbass were born, hooked a DSLR on their neck, went out to the streets, thought that they are doing something great that nobody has done before and started to became bigheaded to arrogantly declare - HEYYY!! WE ARE IT.
...much to the amusement of those who has been doing street photography for a couple of decades, of course!!
Mark this and never forget this at all - it is not at all about "busuk hati" or "dengki" on the "suck-cess-fool-ness" of that dumbass founder - that is his rezeki, berkat, halal or not, it is not for us to comment, just be it - what the real players are really concerned about is the sense of responsibilities, the ethics...and the teaching, outings and sales of some photo editing stuff that are quite ridiculously priced which actually only translated to a daylight robbery for those clueless many who decided to join the glam-wagon....(well since they are clueless, so probably they don't know what's the value of their moolahs anyway!)

You can do your own search to read the article and a learned reader would easily detect the inconsistency of statement and the vagueness of knowledge of this (*cough)street (*cough) shooter. For instance:
+ In a composition, the key ingredients are - the main subject, the background/foreground, the supporting elements. Of course it has to be connected. If it doesn't you went to the wrong "sifu" lah!!! How do you shoot "kata-kata"? You might be able to shoot "verbs" if you are trained as a photojournalist. Anyway, I don't think the braincell is enough for them to understand what is a "verb", let's not waste time shall we? :o)

+ If you were not trained to anticipate the had a stupid sifu. It's like you reading a whole novel but what you understood is just the picture on the front page.....

+ You cannot anticipate and also don't anticipate? Owh come on....somebody got high before the interview or what??

+ Take care of ethics by smiling only? Ethics your foot, dude!!! Wait till one day a guy slaps your forehead for doing your streetfarting-arts stuff...then you try smiling at him, see how it goes.

Daymm....I can really understand how tragic it was for Ian Ahmad (NSTP) and some other photojournalists and lecturers to read this!!!

I would encourage the newbies, starters, beginners to really do a thorough search on the subject that you want to learn and try. Find the person who has the real experience and knowledge, a qualified professional is a human being, it would not cost you RM300 per session of teh tarik or YM chat!!!

Acid test - so, you are a street photographer...pop quiz!!!
What is iN-PUBLiC?
Who is Henri Cartier-Bresson?
Name one of the widely exhibited work series by Trent Parke?

If you cannot answer those, you should realize that you are just wasting your time, dude.

Be a responsible photographer. Stop making a fool of yourself.
Slogans on those shirts that go like:
"Photography is not a crime"
"I am a photographer, not a terrorist"
"Shoot without fear"
- you wanna know what these words really mean?

To a burglar:

To any educated human:

Get it?

Real street shooters around the world don't go out on the street like a porn-star dickhead. What more in a mob sporting glamor t-shirts.....and loads of equipments!! Some pro street shooter use single body & lens. Even point & shoot camera, with certain capabilities/functions..because (here's another free lesson for you) the presence of a huge DSLR (and a freaking idiot who's smiling behind it!) would just destroy the natural beings of the subjects.

Street photography is NOT 200% ABOUT YOU!!

Be aware of glamor-groupies and the glamor-hogs in FB or anywhere. It is ok to join them if you are just determined on wasting your time, money and all, nothing wrong with that, it's your life.
...but for those who really want to do it serious rather than supporting some dumbass to quick stardom, find a true professional who knows the subject and have years of experience and track record. Real professionals are always willing to share knowledge and open up opportunities for those you dare enough to approach and show your works to them. That's how I started my journey and I still have frequent discussions my mentors.

If one day you found a photo of your wife/fiance/girlfriend/MAK KAU a certain position that "revealed her assets and whatever"....then you know how damaging it has been all these while.

Hey...have a look around, who knows maybe there's a shot of you squatting and having a fag? Seriously....scout around.

So, next time when you see a bunch of people with DSLRS focusing on you, you should know your rights.

so,sila beretika dalam bergmbr
sekian,time kasih

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

style editing yg klise

menurut pndagan aku..
Typical art adelah style art yg klise
typical art seswatu yg koman..
bile sume org buat,dye nk wat...

Bukan ak nk provoke photographer atau graphic designer yg artworknyer cikai2 neyh...
tapi sbgai kesedaran untuk kta maju dlm bidang ney...

walaupun ak sedar ak baru dlm bidang ney dn bnyak kelemahan,just anggap bnda neyh suatu yg
boleh meningkat mutu artwork kita.

seni itu adalah sesuatu yg subjektif dan ape yg kita perlu buat adlh berpikir secara kreative..

andai kate lu org berpndapat gmbr wedding seswai jika ade element klakar.
y dont u try it....?
letak ar ayam tgh bertelur ke,kereta kebal tgh lalu ker...
insyallah,gmbr itu akan diingati smpai bile2....................

jenis-jenis typical art

1.desaturate pict

2.pict asal boleyh
(pastu letak caption lak)

3.gmbr tepi pntai

4.gmbr letak caption mengarut

come on ar,bkn lu or xleh buat sume tlg ar ubah sikit
carik keaslian dan berpikir di luar kotak.
carik tutotrial dlm youtube atau mane2 blog
Dari duk angkut kamera kt dada 24 jam tp artwork cm sampah

<Q> knpa ad org leh buat picture lawa2 event dtg dr henset kamera bodo??
<A> sbb dye ad usaha dan ilmu..

ak nk tunjukn lu org ape itu berpikir di luar kotak


aku buat entry ini bkn untuk menjatuhkn sesiapa....
maybe aku buat untuk megutuk diriku sendir dan memperbaiki kesilapan diriku



soalan2 cepokmukeko

berapa kali sehari anda update??

1.tgok mood ar...
  klu aku minum nescefe 2 cawan,insyaallah dua entry ar dpt...
klu ak tgah bengang,setengah entry jer...

  klu ak tengah berak,mmg x dpt ar...

knapa anda mahu berada dlm ben ashaari bloglist??

1. same ngan nama akuh...maybe org dye same hensem cm akuh..hahaha
 lagipun dr picture2 dye..neyh sumpah ganster neyh...hahahahah
2.akuh newbie a.k.a fish  ag..
  so,maybe dgn cara ney ak dpt memperluaskn pengaruh blog ak..
  Ben Ashaari merupakan blogger yg famous amos,so might batu loncatan bg memperluasakn blog seni aku....insya-allah
3.memeriahkan dunia blog malaysia yg ku cinta

Saturday, December 11, 2010


this time entry ak tttg manipulasi gambar...................

ape yg diperlukan untuk memanipulasi ssbuah gmbr...
1. camera manipulasi cth.adobe,gimp,photoscape

3.akal dan pikiran


actually,nk blaja manipulasi gmbr amat memerlukan kesabaraan yg tinggi.ade sesetengah org yg dilahirkan dgn bakat dan idea yg mangkaw2 pnya...
klu kt negara2 luar,adobe photoshop adlh matapelajarn yg diajar kpd highschool student dan sama pntingnya mcm microsoft office

skrg ney,bnyak ar class ttg editing dan photomanipulation.
walaupun kelas ini mahal,still berbaloi untuk join krana ilmu yg dapat leh digunakan smpai bile2.
cth kls editing yg plg terkenal adelah TAOK.(sila klik ntuk mngetahui sndiri)

Dalam sebuah pembikinan gmbr yg menarik,amatlaa diperlukan untuk mencarik keaslian dan jatidiri.
tp bg sstgah org brpgang kpda moto 'bad artist is copy and great artist is steal' oleh pablo picasso.
seorang pelukis bertaraf dunia.
perincian amat penting dalam ssbuah gmbr.walaupun ade spot yg sebesar 5 pixel,kite msti ambilkira juga.

okeh,skrg ney gua nk tnjukan lu org ttg art2 yg gua rse mmg mngunkn photomanipulation dan gua rse
photo ney,kita mampu buat kerana para2 manipulasi pict2 ini adlh org dan dye jugak mkn nasik cm kite.
so,ape bezanya ngan kita???????
renung2kn dan slamat blaja...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

pesanan dari tokoh

Belajar melalui mata

malam ni aku tak leh tido seperti malam2 biasa, dulu masa keja semi gomen memang kena tido awal ahaks!! maklumla kejar punch kad, sekarang aku kerja sama diri aku sendiri.. aku punya suka la nak bangun kul berapa heehehe best ooo keekekeke

malam ni aku nak share sesuatu yang maybe korang semua boleh praktikkan, simple je.. bagaimanan nak belajar menggunakan mata. heheheh.. ramai tertanya2 kut, apa benda la aku nak ceritakan ni kan.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

typography tutorial

Typography adlh seni tulisan...
dlu bebudak skola slalu mnggunkn  di tandas skola...
bdk2 pempuan yg frust slalu tulis kt meja
typography sering digunakan untuk memgungkapkan perasaan dan expresi diri..
 kini typography boleh dibuat di photoshop..

bnyak graphic designer gunakan effect ni dlm pembikinan poster indie atau flyer gigs

P/S : gua mls siol nk tulis tutorial..bagi video jer ar ek....


typography potrait

malaysia got some talentlaaa.....

dlu klu aq nk crik kertas dinding utk tenggiling ak ker,utk henset ku ker.....
gua msti crik yg agk2 western2 skit.......pada gua dyeorg yg terbaik....

Tetapi SKrg.........
SALAH......malaysia got some talentlaa beb...
lu org g search kt deviantart ker,photobucket ker pas2 taip Malaysia........
uyooo...gempak woo........
Baik dari digital art,typography ker,phot0graphy ker,graviti ker...agak setanding ar ngan kuasa2 beso...

so,gua tunjuk art dyeorg...
    lu org tgok yer...

so,still pikir malaysia cannot go????

gua akhiri entry ini dgn seekor peribahasa

_'Hujan emas di negeri org,hujan emas di negeri sendiri...._
baik x yah hujan,leh jenjalan'

arghhh,,,,,,xleh tdor....

Gua bengkak di mata beb........pehhhh
apsal ek..............X BLEY TIDO

pusing kiri xleh.....pusing kanan xleh...........
last2 gua bukak laptop pusaka gua...............................
gua siap leh edit 3 keping gmbr pas2 makeup blog gua....hark3...
last2,smpai kul 11 pagi gak gua berjaga......................

pas2,tetiba dtg lak nguap.....hahahaha....
yes2...ape ag....g masuk bilik,baca doa tido,ZZZZZZZZ'
                     _end of story_

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


expedici KP

K...kali neyh  ku nk story psl expdici Kp..
kenapa nama tuh expedici Kp??
hurm..KP merujuk name pinjaman ak dan kawan2 ak buat mse ak mnuntut kt poly...kirenya duit loan da msuk,kite enjoy ar..
event ney kiteorg buat every sem,taun ney overnight kt pantai pandan.......
peserta bagi event ney 26 org...ramai o0o0o...not bad ar bagi unofficial event kan...
kiteorg sewa kete sndiri bg program neyh...
waja 1
unser 1
kancil 2
kelisa 1

starting program
pkul 6.00 pm,berkumpul kt The Spring..usha2 brg jap,beli kasut ke..jeans ke..
maklumlaa...da kaye jap...ahahah

pkul 8.00..da gerak jenjalan satu kuching

pkul 9.00...g samarahan..aktiviti??
Futsal laa...
mmg havoc ar tyme neyh...

pkul 12.00 AM
makan2 ag kafe bunda..
tyme ney layan shisha jap..kena lak nasik ayam benyet ngan teh c peng...

pkul 3.00 AM
Main event
ke pandan beach
ap yg ak ske kt pntai ney..
pemandngn waktu subuh dye bapak ar lawa...
pastu ombak dye xnk tnggi lak...
seronok siooyt....
pkul 4.40 am kiteog smpai..
lenguh bntut duk dlm kete.....

pkul 5.55
mandi pantai ar...

pkul 10.00 pagi
balik ke The spring ntuk layan cite Avatar the last airbender
boring gak ar cite neyh
cmpur letih ag..layan je
duit tgh ad kan.........

pkul 3.00 ptg
balik ke Poly kuching
pastu aktiviti..
membuta ar...ahahahha


EDit PhoTO cONteST

hARK...GUA DA BORING taHap Shit.......

Anyways,gua ade masuk contest neyh..anjuran cik qaseh..

gua pon baru2 ag dlm blog neyh...saje nk cmpur blogger lama2..
so,gua xde bahan nk diedit..........

gua gune ar pict tuan punya contest,,,jgn marah ek...hahahaha

gmbar sebelum

gambar selepas

gua mnggunakan software adope photoshop dan tempoh durasi x smpai 5 mnt kot...
sekali pndang cm gne software kt internet jer...
tp gua jujur....neyh btul2 pnya gmbar gua edit

Monday, December 6, 2010


idea xde wey.......................
shit ar..........

 k ar...gua meraban ek..

gua peminat,gua agak minat pada nikon d-90...
bnyak kelebihan d90..dye ade anti noise
so,lu org pakai iso yg tnggi2 bngunan pon xde hal.............

Nikon D90 avec GPS
berbanding dgan lu org pkai d40 ker,,,lu org pakai iso 2000 pon da mnimbulkan noise2 yg cm gampang....
so,objektif gua adlh mndapatkn d90  kerna featurednye agak sama........ kamera idamn lu org????????????????

Thursday, December 2, 2010

penghargaan kepada si pengkarya......

dlm bidang photography,banyak pengkarya yg ak minat..
mereka adalah org yg ikhlas dlm bidang ney dan sentiasa memajukn diri sendiri...........
lu org tgok ar berdasarkan jenis2 bidang yg dyeorang meyerlah.............

1.The emperor of kukubesi (digital painting and image manipulation)
the emperor of kukubesi
ak suke kukubesi kerana skill editing beliau amat gempak dan menggila.
kukubesi juga merupakan pengkarya seni digital art.
beliau telah berkerjasama bersama Kru studio dlm pembikinan merong si mahawangsa

Hasil kerja-kerja beliau

2.Anan Mohamad Amri Adanan (lighting master)

Anan amri merupakan pengkarya yg ak minat dri sege lighting
beliau merupakan anak buah kepada acai foto...
Anan adalah seorang photographer yg mahir dari segi pencahayaan dan kesan2 terhadap gmbar..
anan juga pakar dlm surviving light dimana menggunakan apa sahaja sumber cahaya apabila shoot outdoor

hasil-hasil kerja anan

3.Chot touch (street and human interest photography)

klu anda berminat dengan street phorography,maka abg chot adalag sifu terbaik.,
beliau telah berkerjasama dgn kukubesi dlm menghasilkan buku bertajuk 'haluan kiri'.
Chot touch merupakan seorang photographer terkenal dengan karya2 streetnya.

Hasil-hasil kerja chot touch

4.anna-rina (wedding photography)


anna-rina merupakan photographer wedding yg top di malaysia.
Beliau sering kali covering wedding di Bali,Krabi,singapore dan perth.
seringkali ak terdengar bahawa wedding photographer tidak boleh pergi jauh,,,
anda salah..
anna-rina telah membuktikan beliau boleh berkarya dan gembira dengan pekerjaannya sebagai photographer

hasil2 kerja Anna-rina 

ok,tu la sedikit sebanyak info2 yg ak berikan kepad lu orang.
mereka merupakan pengkarya sejati dan bnyak menginspirasikan aku...
so,tnggula ape yg ak update ag dan stay tuned...